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How your money will help

Here are some examples of the typical costs associated with an operation.

  • $20Covers the legal fees for one lawyer for one day
  • $35Covers one day of investigations in a city or town
  • $50Covers the testimony preparation of one rescued girl
  • $100Covers the basic needs for 1 rescued girl for 1 month
  • $250Covers the salary, travel, food,& lodging for 1 investigator for 1 month
  • $2KCovers the entire cost to Rescue, Restore, and Defend 1 girl

Your Donation Matters

While operating on a minimal budget, Freedom Firm has worked to rescue over 389 girls from the commercial sex trade and we are actively pursuing over 150 legal cases against the brothel keepers & traffickers who willingly enslaved these young women.

Freedom Firm relies on the support & generosity of individuals, like you, who are willing to partner with us in our mission to eradicate sex trafficking and child prostitution in India. “Every donation you make changes lives!”. Help us to Rescue more young girls from the commercial sex trade than ever before. Help us to Restore their lives to a place of wholeness and health. Help us to seek Justice for the victims by holding traffickers accountable.

Expanding Our Reach:

As our funding grows, Freedom Firm has plans to:

  • Open additional offices in cities throughout India.
  • Double our aftercare and counseling support system.

  • Increase Ruhamah Designs production and marketing.
  • Hire more counseling & legal professionals to assist with our growing caseload.