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‘Horse & Rider: A Journey Towards Freedom’ is an award-winning documentary about Freedom Firm’s work to end sex trafficking in India.

Shot in 2011, this feature-length documentary follows the tangled memories of two survivors of sex trafficking living and working in Freedom Firm’s aftercare program. Join these two young women as they share their traumatic experiences and start down the path of restoration.

What is a Horse and Rider Screening?

Horse & Rider screenings are small or large gatherings where a host sets up a time to show the documentary to their friends, family, co-workers, or neighbours.  These events can be a small collection of friends or a larger office or church-wide gathering.

What We Provide:

Freedom Firm will provide the essentials to make sure the event goes smoothly:

  • Promotional materials for the event.
  • A thorough guide including discussion questions.
  • The film, free of cost!

Why We Need You

Screening Horse & Rider: A Journey Towards Freedom is an excellent way to raise awareness about the serious problem of sex trafficking and the work Freedom Firm is doing to rescue, restore, and bring justice to enslaved women​. By hosting a screening you are:

  • Educating your friends and community​ on the ​issue ​of sex trafficking.
  • Raising awareness of the work Freedom Firm is doing to combat this form of modern-day slavery.
  • Encouraging others to get involved in the fight to end sex trafficking by supporting Freedom Firm.
  • Creating an enjoyable, thought-provoking event that will educate and profoundly inspire others.