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Gita Rescued!

On 10th July, Gita*, a 14-15 year old from Andhra Pradesh was found in prostitution in a brothel in  Hingoli, Maharashtra, approximately 300 kilometres from Nagpur. The Freedom Firm team reported this information to the local police. A rescue was … Read More »

Three Minors Rescued in Shevgaon

On 13th June Freedom Firm’s intervention team along with the Anti-Human Trafficking Unit and police constables from the Central Reserved Police Force (CRPF) attempted to rescue Sita*, a 14-15-year-old in the red-light area of Shevgaon, Maharashtra. Due to a tip-off, … Read More »

Sugi and Champa Rescued – 31st May

On 26th May, Sugi*, a 16-17-year-old girl from Bangladesh was found in prostitution in Wani’s red-light district. Freedom Firm investigators reported that Sugi was in high demand as she is young and pretty. A rescue was planned for the same … Read More »

Three Girls Rescued – 19th May

Freedom Firm’s investigation team found Sumi, approximately 16-17 years old, from West Bengal, in Pune’s red light area last week. The team along with local police officials conducted a rescue operation on the brothel on 19th May. The police were … Read More »

Is Kari Safe?

Kari was 16 when she was rescued by Freedom Firm investigators and police in Nagpur in November 2016. After her rescue, she was placed at a government shelter home where she revealed that she had a one-year-old son who might be … Read More »

Seven Brothel Keepers Arrested

In April, Freedom Firm Investigators found two girls: Divya* and Priya*, whom they suspected as minors, in prostitution in Bhusawal. On Monday 24th April, the team met the Superintendent of Police and showed photos and video clips of the girls … Read More »

Riya* Rescued

On 19th April, Freedom Firm investigators identified Riya a 15-16-year-old in Meerut’s red-light area. They passed information regarding the brothel location and details of the girl to police on Friday, 21st April. The police arranged a team of police officers in … Read More »

Mass Raid in Nagpur

Usually Freedom Firm staff ask the police  for help to rescue a girl. However on a few occasions the police call Freedom Firm instead and ask us for help. On Tuesday (21-03-2016) the ACP (Assistant Commissioner of Police) called Freedom … Read More »

Seven Girls Rescued

Our Investigation team found a minor girl in Nagpur red-light area (Ganga Jamuna), but was not able to conduct a raid until 16th February since police were busy with the elections. On 15th February police called our liaison officer apologizing … Read More »

Three Girls Rescued

Last week Freedom Firm investigators found a 15-year-old in prostitution in Amalner, a town where previously no investigations have been conducted. Amalner is 400kms from Pune and is located in Jalgaon District in Northern Maharashtra. The team along with local … Read More »