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Mass Raid in Nagpur

Usually Freedom Firm staff ask the police  for help to rescue a girl. However on a few occasions the police call Freedom Firm instead and ask us for help. On Tuesday (21-03-2016) the ACP (Assistant Commissioner of Police) called Freedom … Read More »

Seven Girls Rescued

Our Investigation team found a minor girl in Nagpur red-light area (Ganga Jamuna), but was not able to conduct a raid until 16th February since police were busy with the elections. On 15th February police called our liaison officer apologizing … Read More »

Three Girls Rescued

Last week Freedom Firm investigators found a 15-year-old in prostitution in Amalner, a town where previously no investigations have been conducted. Amalner is 400kms from Pune and is located in Jalgaon District in Northern Maharashtra. The team along with local … Read More »

Celebrating Freedom…one girl at a time

Freedom Firm exists to bring rescue, restoration, and justice to minor girls in prostitution in India. For us every girl is important, every rescue significant, every girl restored vital and every trafficker sent to jail a victory. Each year we … Read More »

Three Minors Rescued!

While investigating brothels in Chitrakoot, Uttar Pradesh a month ago, Freedom Firm’s investigators found one minor girl in prostitution. A rescue could not be done as the police did not have sufficient force available. Unlike traditional brothels which are located … Read More »

Brothel Keeper in Jail!

Bindoo Khalkor, a brothel keeper and the main accused in Prena’s* and Reema’s* case, filed an application for bail on 19th August. In recent months we have covered Prena’s and Reema’s stories separately. (To read more detailed information, click here for Prena’s … Read More »

Two Minors Rescued!

Usually, Freedom Firm staff go to the police with information and ask them to do a raid. On Sunday evening (October 9), the police requested assistance from us to conduct a raid in Ganga Jamuna, the red-light area in Nagpur, … Read More »

Family To Testify Against Brothel Keeper!

Reema* testified bravely against her brothel keeper Bindoo Khalkor in the month of July. In September when another court hearing came up, Freedom Firm staff found out that the opposition lawyer had submitted a duplicate birth certificate that mentioned Reema’s birth … Read More »

3 Girls Rescued

On 8th September, Freedom Firm’s investigation team found a minor girl in prostitution in a private building close to Ganga Jamuna, the red-light area in Nagpur. The same day when the team launched a raid with the help of local … Read More »

Rescue in Shahadapur

Freedom Firm investigators reported the presence of minor girls in Shahada, Nandurbar District, last Thursday. The red-light area in Shahada is 20 years old, but up until now, no ITPA (Immoral Trafficking Preventions Act) case was ever filed despite raids … Read More »