Seema, a 14-year-old child, was rescued in a raid conducted in Neemuch, Madhya Pradesh last week. Freedom Firm’s investigation and intervention team arrived in Neemuch earlier in the week and searched for minor girls in six villages involved in prostitution. When they identified Seema, they knew she was a minor and approached the police to help in conducting a raid. The police agreed immediately and provided a police force to accompany the team. When the team arrived at the brothel location, it was clear that the area had been alerted as the brothels were all shut down.

The next two days when the team attempted to find Seema again, the red-light area was still closed, and the police had to attend to other matters. The team was able to locate Seema again when the red-light area reopened. At 10.00 pm when everyone in the brothel were asleep the Freedom Firm team, and police raided the brothel. Despite the darkness which made it difficult for them to find the brothel’s exact location, Seema was rescued, and her brothel keeper arrested.

*Name changed to protect identity
Seema RTU