In a raid conducted in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, two girls, Rinu* and Sapna* were rescued and Alka, a brothel keeper, arrested. When the team arrived at Meerut, they contacted a police official who had been helpful on an earlier raid and had requested police cooperation. The police warned the team not to come to the police station to prevent a tip off. The police arrived at the location where the team was present, and they discussed and planned the raid together.

When the team reached the area, Freedom Firm’s investigators told the team that the brothel keeper refused to allow them to enter the brothel as one of the girls was unwell. The police, however, went ahead with the raid since the investigators already confirmed that the girls were there.

The girls were sent to the shelter home after the police took their statements. The girls will remain at the shelter home even as the Freedom Firm aftercare team visits their homes to question their families and to learn if it is safe for them to return to their families.

*Names changed to protect identity