On 4th September 2023, we received intel about a minor girl being sexually exploited at a guest house in New Town, Kolkata. After gathering sufficient evidence, we met with the police. We were sent to different police stations to  meet different police officers; one officer was not in town, another officer was uncooperative and said she did not have lady officer staff present to initiate a rescue and referred us to another police station. That police officer also said he was unable to help us and directed us to the West Bengal Commission for Protection of Child Rights, WBCPCR. 

On 8th September we met the Chairperson of WBCPCR and shared the information about the minor we were hoping to rescue as well as the police apathy towards the victim we were trying to resue.  The Chairperson immediately wrote a letter to the Commissioner Police of Bidhannagar and appointed a consultant from  the WBCPCR to oversee the entire rescue operation. For the next few days we discussed rescue strategies with the consultant.  The rescue operation was fixed for the 11th September. 

On 11th September we were at the New Town Police Station at 2:45 pm where we finalized the rescue plan.  At 3:55 pm we were at the guest house where the victim was being exploited. After confirming that she was at the location, at 4:15 pm the police and our team raided the guest house.  Five people who were at the reception area; the brothel keeper, a pimp, a hotel staff, a customer and a man who leased the guest house were immediately arrested.  We located 17 year old Rahila who we were tracking right away in one of the rooms on the second floor. 

As the police and our team went from floor to floor searching all the rooms, we found a young girl, Tabu, with a customer on the third floor.  She tried to pass him off as her boyfriend, but after the police questioned her, we discovered that she was 17 years old and also being sexaully exploited in the guest house.  

The police proceeded to bag evidence; liquor bottles, condom, mobile phones and money from the guest house. The police then locked the guest house.  The victims, the accused and our team proceeded to the New Town police station.  The victims were placed in  a shelter home and the five accused remained in police custody.

The next morning we accompanied the victims to a shelter home.