On 7th August 2023 at 12 in the afternoon, we met with the Additional Commissioner of Police in Bhopal, MP, and presented him with evidence about a minor who was being sexually exploited at a spa in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.  For three days, the victim was not at the spa. The police were ready and so were we. We discussed rescue strategies and were waiting for the signal that the victim was back in the spa.

On 10th August, we got intel that she was back in the spa. At 5 pm the police and our team raided the spa.  The 15 year old victim and another 17 year old victim were rescued from the spa. The police arrested 7 people from the spa; the owner of the spa, a male in his 30s, a  male housekeeping staff who used to distribute condoms, four female therapists and the manager, a female in her 30s.

It took more than 6 hours for the evidence to be bagged and reports to be filed. After which everyone proceeded to the police station. The victims 15 year old Tabasum and 17 year old Neeva shared their details and the police filed a First Information Report against the seven accused.  

At 5 am on 11th August, we accompanied the victims to a one stop center.  They were not taken for their medical tests.

On 12th August at 4:30 am the victims were brought to the police station where the police recorded a video of their statement. They were then sent for their medical tests,  both tests conducted after Tabasum and Neeva gave their consent.   

Tabasum and Neeva’s mothers landed up at the police station.  The mothers wanted to take their daughters home.  The police asked both the mothers to bring the victims to record their 164 statements  on 13th, Sunday.  Tabasum’s mother asked the police to stop the investigation as her daughter lied about her age. Neeva was ready to talk to us when a police inspector asked to speak to her privately. As soon as she finished speaking to him, she changed all her statements. He also did not accept her birth certificate as  proof of her age. 

The inspector also did not arrest one of the main suspects who was the brothel owner.  On 13th August the spa was reopened. 

We will be investigating this further and will even escalate the matter to ensure the relevant sections; ITPA,  POCSO, IPC are attached to the FIR to make the case stronger and ensure the perpetrators are punished.