On 20th February 2023 we received a lead about pimp Shahid who was offering minors to customers. We tried to establish contact with Shahid but he was extremely suspicious of us and kept us at bay. More than a month later, he reached out to us. He had a minor for us, 17 year old Moni.   However we had to wait as Moni’s XII standard board exams were on and she was busy studying and writing her exams.  

Mid May, Shahid reached out to us. Moni was available. We did an internal investigation to verify her age. Moni was indeed 17 years old. After meeting the police and presenting them with evidence about 17 year old Moni being forced into prostitution, the police  planned a rescue operation on 29th May.

Operation Moni

At 12 pm on 29th May we met with the Anti Human Trafficking Unit, AHTU,  in Kolkata and we discussed various rescue strategies. After 2 pm, the police and our team left the AHTU’s office. At 3 pm the police were ready to raid the brothel when we learned that Moni was not at the brothel.

At 4:10 pm we learned that Moni had reached the brothel. While we were figuring out the best rescue strategy, we discovered that there was another victim present in the brothel. 

 At 4:25 pm, the police raided the brothel, which was an independent house in a quiet locality in Kolkata. The police and our team rescued Moni and the other victim who we discovered was also a minor, 17 year old Suhu. The police detained three people – a 44 year old woman and two men aged 44 years and 19 years.  The police then proceeded to collect evidence like liquor bottles, condoms, money, mobile phones and sex toys from the brothel. 

The police sealed the brothel. After filling the initial report at the brothel the police, victims, accused and our team went to the police station. 

At the station the police recorded Moni and Suhu’s statements. They then filed a First Information Report including relevant sections of the IPC, POCSO and ITPA, strengthening the case against the three accused.  Once all formalities were completed at the station, we accompanied the victims for their medical tests and then to a shelter home where they would be staying for a few days

The next day victims  Moni and Suhu were produced before the Child Welfare Committee, CWC. The CWC ordered our team to conduct a social investigation in Moni and Suhu’s homes, counsel the victims and to remain in the shelter home till we presented them with the social investigation report.

On 1st June Moni and Suhu will be produced in court where they will share their 164 statement (164 statement is a voluntary statement in which the victim shares her experience at the brothel and names of the accused)