We were tracking Kamini from August 2020. Even though Covid was spreading like wildfire and Nagpur was in the middle of a lockdown, minors were still being sexually exploited. We tried to rescue Kamini in September but thanks to a tip off to the brothel, our rescue attempt failed and Kamini vanished.

A brothel in Wani
A room in the brothel

We first heard about Pushpa in January 2021. We tried to rescue her from a brothel in Wani twice. Both times we failed. First time even though the Anti Human Trafficking Unit and our team planned the rescue well, the brothel wore a deserted looked when we reached there. Our second rescue attempt met with the same fate.

On March 9, 2021 we were successful and rescued both these minor girls along with Unita who was forced into prostitution and wanted to get out. The girls were quite calm after their rescue.  The FIRs were filed post rescue and on Wednesday the girls were taken for their medical tests. The only time we saw slight tension in the rescued girls is when they were admitted in a government short stay home.  They will remain in the home for three days till the results of their ossification test are out.  Their ossification test results will also help in recording their 164 statement in court.

Kamini made to look older and bolder

Our social workers are spending time with the rescued girls ensuring they are emotionally well and their physical needs are being met. Our legal team is monitoring the case and ensuring the perpetrators are appropriately punished for their crime – sexually exploiting and forcibly engaging children in prostitution.