On 9th June we got information about a minor girl being forced into prostitution in a private brothel in Rajapur, Prayagraj, UP.  Our team went through the evidence and discussed rescue strategies. 

Later that day, we met the Assistant Commissioner of Police in Prayagraj, he listened to us, scrutinized our evidence and agreed to initiate the rescue. We discussed rescue strategies. The rescue operation was fixed for 2:30 pm that day.

At 12:54 pm our team went to a pre-decided location and waited for the police.  At 1:30 pm, the police asked us to come to the police station as their team was ready. We proceeded to the police station. 

We all proceeded to the location. The police raided the brothel and rescued the minor.  The police arrested six people from the brothel, including the brothel keeper and customers. The police bagged evidence, wrote their reports and the victim, accused and our teams proceeded to the police station.  

The victim, Madhu, a 15 year-old girl shared her details and was taken for her medical test. The police filed a First Information Report, FIR,  against the accused and included various sections of the IPC, POCSO, ITPA and JJ Act strengthening the victim’s case against the accused. The FIR was completed at 11:40 pm, Madhu was placed in a shelter home.