On 5th March, we  got a lead of a minor girl being sexually exploited in Sikhedi dera (a village) in Mandsaur, MP.

 On 6th March, we tried to meet the Superintendent of Police, SP, Mandsaur,  to request him to initiate a raid and rescue the minor.  We were unable to meet the SP as he was engaged in some other police work.

On 7th March, we met the SP.  We shared the information about the minor with him. He told us to plan the rescue operation  on 10th March. We requested him to initiate a raid right away but he refused saying there were no senior police personnel available as they were occupied in other police matters.   We approached a few other police personnel from other departments but all of them were busy.  

On 8th March, we approached the POCSO (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act) court as well and requested the magistrate to intervene and order the police to rescue the minor. The magistrate refused saying the court did not have the authority to pass such an order.

On 9th March 2024, we again tried to contact the SP again but we did not get any response.

On 10th March we were able to reach the SP.  He said he would get the police to initiate a raid the next day.  

On 11th March, the Deputy Superintendent of Police formed a team who would be part of the rescue operation.  We were a little concerned about too many police being involved and the brothel being tipped off about the rescue operation.  We discussed several rescue strategies with the police and then proceeded to the dera.

On 11th March at 2:50 pm, the police and our team raided the brothel and rescued a 15 year old minor. Her mother, who was her pimp, was arrested by the police. After the police collected evidence from the brothel, the victim, the accused and our team proceeded to the police station. 

At 8:33 pm  the police completed filing the First Information Report, FIR.  They added relevant sections of the ITPA, IPC,  and POCSO to the FIR, strengthening the victim’s case.  Since the victim did not give her consent we were unable to complete her medical tests. The Child Welfare Committee ordered her to be placed in a shelter home in Mandsaur.