On 31st January we received a lead about a minor girl being sexually exploited in a crowded residential area in Kolkata. After verifying the lead, we reached out to the Additional Commissioner of Police to initiate a rescue operation.  He directed us to the Anti Human Trafficking Unit, AHTU, as he was retiring from the police force and 31st January was his last day in the force. 

On 2nd February we met an officer from the AHTU. The officer had prior commitments and was unable to initiate a raid but asked us to come back the next day. 

Shady brothel that admit shadier men
Saba sharing her details with our social worker

On 3rd February we were back at the AHTU office.  We provided the complainant letter and then proceeded to get whatever necessary permissions so the police could initiate the raid. At 2 pm we got permission from the Deputy Commissioner Directive Department’s office, after which we proceeded for the rescue operation along with a special police team.

At 3:28 pm the police and our team raided the brothel. We rescued the minor immediately. The police arrested the brothel keeper, a male who appeared to be in his 30s. The police proceeded to collect evidence like liquor bottles, condoms, a mobile phone and money.  Once the police completed their reports, they sealed the brothel with a lock.  The 15 year old victim Saba, the accused, and our team proceeded to the police station. 

After the victim shared her statement, we accompanied her to a local hospital for her medical tests and then to a shelter home in Kolkata.  The accused has been booked under relevant sections of the law (370A/372/366A/120B of IPC, POCSO – Under Section 4/17/21 ITPA – Under Section 3/4/5/6/7