At 4:20 pm on 13th March, the police and our team rescued a Bangladeshi victim from a lodge in Surat, Gujarat. Shabnam was trafficked to India by her husband 3 months ago on the pretext of a holiday. Once they reached Daman , Shabnam’s husband forced her into prostitution. When she refused, he beat her severely. She finally agreed. He forced her to have sex with 10-15 customers a day and kept a close eye on her and her mobile phone. She was taken to different areas to attend to customers. Post rescue we noticed that Shabnam had fresh bruises on her face and chest. She shared her husband beat her up the night before with his belt.

Shabnam just can’t stop smiling

Shabnam was overjoyed at being rescued and couldn’t stop smiling and said, ” I am happy now because I don’t have to do this dirty work anymore.” More details will follow shortly.