On 22nd April 2024, we got intel about Bangladeshi victim Rufa who was being exploited and physically abused by her husband in Surat, Gujarat.  She was trafficked by a couple three years ago.

On 23rd April our team was working on different leads hoping that we would be able to trace Rufa. We were not able to pinpoint her exact location. At 2 pm we got intel that Rufa and her husband were at a particular location. Our team immediately proceeded to that location. Neither Rufa nor her husband were there.  We did a sweep of the entire area and after two hours,  received a new lead about Rufa and her husband’s new location. We reached the location and once again did a sweep of the entire area. We also received intel that later that evening, Rufa would be moved to another state.

We immediately met the Inspector General of Police, (IG) Surat, Rural. He directed us to the Special Operation Group, SOG. We went to the SOG office and spoke to the inspector. After collecting the details from us, they quickly put a team together that would be initiating the raid. We left for Rufa’s location and the police and our team raided the room where Rufa and her husband were at.

Rufa, so overwhelmed to be rescued

As soon as Rufa saw us she got emotional and started crying. She hugged our social workers.  The police arrested Rufa’s husband.  Rufa, her husband, and our team went to the SOG office. Rufa shared her story and gave her statement.  The SOG filed a complaint against Rufa’s husband and three of his associates.  We informed the SOG that Rufa should be repatriated and not deported back to Bangladesh.   Rufa shared her documents with the SOG We accompanied Rufa for her medical tests after which she was placed in a shelter home.