Over the last few months the police and Freedom Firm have rescued a number of victims from Nagpur’s red light area Ganga Jamuna, three of the victims were minors.  Excited about the victories, the police approached us in May wanting to conduct a mass raid in Ganga Jamuna and rescue more minors. We were on board.  To ensure the rescue was a success, it needed to be planned and executed flawlessly.  The police agreed and we started to plan the rescue. 

On 16th May our team was awaiting the police to proceed with the rescue. We got a call from our team saying that the police had already raided the brothel. They drove into Ganga Jamuna with large teams in their police vehicles, announcing their presence to all the brothels. They immediately burst into several brothels looking for minors. Our team joined them in the search for minors.  Though few of the victims appeared to be minors (only their school records and ossification tests would confirm their age,)  we were unable to find a single minor that we were tracking for days, each victim and her brothel keeper had disappeared without a trace. 

After more than five hours, the police and our team had completed searching a large portion of Ganga Jamuna. They had rounded up a number of people from the brothel; victims and perpetrators.  We recognised 6 survivors from previous rescues. They were back in prostitution. They were minors when we rescued them. Now they were all majors and if they wanted to continue in prostitution we couldn’t stop them.

We proceeded to the police station. The police were able to register three strong First Information Reports against 16 people who were accused of sexually exploiting the women.  32 women shared their statements with the police. The police asked us to identify any victims that could be minors. We gave them a list of five victims that we believed were minors and will be accompanying them for their ossification test to determine their age. 

After reports were filed and statements shared, all the victims were placed in a shelter home in Nagpur.  

The Sessions Court and shelter home staff requested us to  conduct a home investigation for all 32 victims.