On 13th June 2024 our investigators received a lead about a minor girl being sexually exploited at a hotel in Akola (approximately 250 kms from Nagpur).  After collecting evidence we went to meet the Superintendent of Police, SP.  He was on leave and so we met the Additional Superintendent of Police, ADSP.  We requested him to treat this matter with urgency and confidentiality as we did not the local police involved. He directed us to a police cell in Akola.

We visited the police cell in Akola but they shared that they were busy till 19th June in some police matters.  We tried to get the Anti Human Trafficking Unit to intervene but they couldn’t do anything till the ADSP gave them permission. 

We messaged the SP who was still unavailable.  A little later we got a message from his office telling us that the SP would be available the next day.  We informed that officer that there was a possibility that the victim would be moved and we would lose track of her. 

Once again we spoke to the ADSP and requested his urgent assistance and understanding. He finally relented and assigned a special police officer to assist us.   We called the special police officer and explained the situation to him. He agreed to initiate a raid immediately. 

The police got their teams ready for the raid.  We were experiencing a few challenges on the field.  

On 14th June at 5:30 pm we  finally got confirmation that the victim was at the hotel near the railway station. The police and our team immediately raided the brothel.  We found the victim in one of the rooms and she was rescued.  The police arrested the pimp and the hotel owner.  After the police completed their initial reports, we all proceeded to the police station. 

At the police station the police learned that two more people from Washim were involved in the prostitution racket. The police sent  a team to arrest them.  (Three accused were males in their 40s and one was 20 years old. We learned later that the 20 year old boy was physically involved with the victim.)

The First Information Report (FIR) was officially registered later that night. The following day the victim was presented before the Child Welfare Committee who placed her in a shelter home temporarily.