Early March we learned that Amana, a 16 year old victim who we were tracking in MP, was moved to a brothel in Mumbai.  After gathering intel about the victim, we left for the location where Amana was being exploited. On route to the brothel, we were involved in an accident; a fast car hit our vehicle. We had to go to the hospital just to ensure no one sustained any injuries.   After we were done at the hospital, we proceeded to the brothel. After confirming Amana was at the location we decided to meet the police the next day to initiate the rescue.

On 15th March, at 11 am we met the Deputy Commissioner of Police, DCP,  and shared information about Amana and requested him to initiate a raid. The DCP directed us to a police station who would lead the rescue operation.

At 5:18 pm, we met the senior police officer at the police station and briefed him about Amana. After finalizing a rescue strategy we left for the brothel. 

At 6:05 pm, when we were waiting for the police to raid the brothel, an unexpected problem arose which resulted in the police wanting to delay the rescue operation. We intervened and the police team agreed to raid the brothel a little later that day.

At 7:15 pm the police proceeded to the brothel. On our way to the brothel we saw the pimp, Ruhana, a woman who appeared to be in her late 20s. The police immediately arrested her. 

We continued towards the brothel.  We met another pimp Janvi, a woman who appeared to be in her early 30s. The police arrested her. We entered the brothel and searched for Amana. On the first floor, we found one room locked. We broke it open. We found Amana hiding in the bathroom. She was visibly distressed. The police and our team rescued her. The police collected evidence from the brothel. 

At 8:15 pm after the police completed writing their reports, Amana the victim, both the pimps and our team proceeded to the police station. 

On 16th March at 2:45 am, the police completed filing the First Information Report, FIR. We ensured sections like POCSO, IPC, and ITPA were added to the FIR strengthening Amana’s case. At 3:12 am we accompanied Amana for a basic medical check up after which she was placed in a temporary shelter home.   

Later that morning, when we went to the police station for an update on Amana’s case, we were told that Amana would be presented before the Child Welfare Committee, CWC, on 19th March. On 16th we accompanied Amana for a detailed medical examination. Amana’s medical examination was completed only at 10 pm as the doctor was in the operation theatre for most part of the day.  We accompanied Amana to the shelter home where she was placed. 

On 19th March, we accompanied Amana to the Child Welfare Committee where she gave her statement.  The next step, Amana will share her 164 statement and name the people who exploited her.