On 3 February 2022, we rescued two minors and one major from a brothel in Sangli, Maharashtra. 17 year old Hajma, one of the victim’s who was rescued pleaded with us to rescue her sister who was trafficked to a brothel in Wani, Maharashtra. Within a few days our team left for Wani to find Parsa, Hajma’s sister. 

When we were in Wani, we discovered that after Hajma’s rescue the brothels went on high alert and we were unable to locate Parsa. Not wanting the brothel keepers/owners to move Parsa out of Wani or the state, we laid low for a while.  

After almost two months we learned that Parsa was back in the brothel.  After gathering evidence, we presented it to the police who immediately got their team ready for a raid.  A short while later we learned that Parsa wasn’t feeling well and so the raid was pushed to another day.

On 25th May once again we got information that Parsa was at the brothel. We informed the police and they swung into action right away.  

Within a few minutes the police and our team rescued Parsa. The police arrested the brothel keeper. After evidence was bagged, the victim, accused, police and our team went to the police station in Wani.

Initially the police were reluctant to file an First Information Report, FIR,  but our liaison officer called the Superintendent of Police and explained the situation to him. Thankfully he intervened and the FIR was filed.

The police did not allow us to meet Parsa. They kept the brothel keeper and Parsa in the same room the whole night and even allowed people to visit them; totally against the required protocol of keeping the victim and accused separated so that the accused did not intimidate the victim.

The next day while we were in court, the son of the brothel keeper and some of his friends started harassing and threatening us. Our liaison officer quickly went to the judge and report the matter to him. He asked us to go to the police station and file a complaint. The brothel keeper’s son followed us there and started threatening our team again. We filed a harassment complaint against the brothel keeper’s son.

The next day when we went to court many people from the red light area were at the court and watched our every move.  The police tried to give custody to Parsa’s husband (we are still investigating to see if this is Parsa’s legitimate husband). Our advocate pleaded with the judge and the judge passed an order to send Parsa to a shelter home.