After 3 Failed Attempts to Rescue One, Team Rescues Six 

In the city of Nagpur, the Freedom Firm team tried to rescue sixteen-year-old Garima three times in the last two months.  All three rescue attempts were unsuccessful since the brothel owner was tipped off in advance of each impending raid. The brothel owner moved Garima to another brothel, hoping she wouldn’t be found.

After multiple investigations, on December 13 the police and our team found her locked in a room and hiding under a bed.  The police searched neighbouring brothels in the area and rescued five other girls, Nima, Nirja, Hital, Kavita and Indra. Nima is a minor, while the others are all majors.

Our team discovered that Garima is from the Kanjar community, a community known to force their daughters into prostitution. Her parents were directly involved in her trafficking.

Three brothel keepers were arrested under different sections of anti-trafficking laws.

Criminal complaints were registered against all three brothel keepers. The girls were taken to the hospital for an age verification test and later placed in a shelter home. The girls will be produced before the magistrate for an inquiry and to receive orders for their restoration.

*Names changed to protect identity