The police on Sunday busted a prostitution racket in Basai village of Tajganj, Agra. Allegedly, the racket was being run by two women and 13 women were working against their will there. During the raid, the police also arrested three customers. The rescued women were from Rajasthan and Agra.

The raid was conducted after the police received a tip-off from an NGO named Freedom Firm. Circle officer (Sadar) Vikas Jaiswal said that after they received the tip-off, they decided to raid the house which was operating as a prostitution den.

The women working for the racket were lured into flesh trade on the pretext of earning money. The two women who operated the racket said that they had called the victims to Agra around a month ago and that the two made a commission from the prostitution work they put these 13 women into.

Naresh Paras, member of an NGO named Mehfooz said that several houses in Basai have been operating as prostitution dens. Members of Freedom Firm and Mehfooz had been searching for houses to find places that had been running as prostitution rackets.

According to an investigation, one of the accused is from Mumbai. She is the owner of the house where the racket was being run. She had recently come to Agra for the construction of her house. The other accused used to cook for the girls living in the house. Jaiswal assured that a case will be registered against the two accused.


Times Now: Updated Aug 05, 2019 | 08:10 IST | Mirror Now Digital