Our investigation team in Nagpur received a lead about a minor girl engaged in prostitution in one of the buildings in Nagpur’s Ganga Jamuna’s red light area. After locating the minor,  they documented the evidence and then shared the footage with the liaison officer. Upon examining it, he presented it to the police inspector from Lakadganj Police police station. 

6 victims wondering about their fate

On August 6, 2021 at approximately 5:45 pm, the police and our team raided the building where the minor was engaging with customers. The raid was successful. The minor girl under surveillance was rescued along with 5 majors (women between 18-40 years.) The police arrested two women Asha, the brothel owner aged 50 and Poorni the brothel keeper aged 40. Two customers aged 25 and 28 were also arrested. 

The following day our team accompanied the police to the court where the 4 accused and 6 victims were produced before the magistrate. Our social workers will also accompany the police as they escort the victims for their medical examination and ossification.   

While our legal team will be assisting in legal proceedings after contacting the police and advocates who are representing this case, our aftercare team is preparing to conduct a home investigation and gather more details about the suspected minor.