Another minor rescued in Ganga Jamuna red light area this month

On 13th March we got a lead about a minor that was being forced into prostitution in the red light area in Ganga Jamuna in Nagpur. We learned that the minor was scared as well as hopeful.  On 3rd March the police and our team rescued Kasi,  a 16 year old girl from the same red light area. Though rescue worried the minor, but she was also hopeful that the same NGO that rescued the other minor would rescue her.  

Not wanting the brothel keeper/traffickers to move her to some other brothel,  we started to investigate this lead further. When we came to the brothel where the minor was last located, the brothel was shut and the minor was nowhere to be found.   As we discussed the next course of action, we saw another minor in another brothel.  Lata looked approximately 16 years old. After quickly collecting evidence, we called up the police inspector from Lakadganj police station.  The police inspector was unavailable as she was at an official police training. She shared that as soon as the training was over she would initiate a raid and rescue  the minor  who we were now tracking.

Operation Lata

The Ganga Jamuna red light area was closed for more than a year in 2021. Ever since it opened, most brothels are on high alert. The Commissioner of Police has also deployed police personnel at different entrance points of the brothel. One of the conditions placed by the police to reopen the red light area was that it would not offer minors to any customers. (However, we already rescued one minor on 3rd March 2023 and had a few failed rescue attempts of other minors we tried to rescue in 2022.)

Lata sharing her details with the police

Once we reached the location we discussed different rescue strategies. At 6:30 pm the police raided the brothel.  The police arrested the brothel keeper.  We found Lata on the first floor. After the evidence was bagged and police wrote their reports, the police, victim, accused, and our team proceeded to the Lakadganj police station.

Once we reached the police station, the police started writing their official report.  Lata kept insisting she was 19 years old. After a little cajoling and winning her trust, she shared her birthday was in June 2006, Lata was 16 years old.

Social worker assuring Lata she is safe

Lata will be produced before the Child Welfare Committee and based on their recommendations, be placed in a shelter home or released to her parents.

After the First Information Report was filed, we accompanied Lata to the hospital for her medicals and then dropped her at a shelter home in Nagpur.