On 24th April, we got a lead that a minor girl was being forced into prostitution at a private brothel in Kanpur, UP.   After confirming the lead, we wanted to meet the Commissioner of Police, CP,  as well as the Assistant Commissioner of Police, ACP, to initae a raid.  Both of them were unavailable.

On the 25th, we tried to get an appointment with a few other police personnel, but all of them were occupied with other official work. When we finally got the ACP on the phone. He asked us to meet him the next day at 12:30 pm at his office.

On the 26th morning, we were at the CPs office. After waiting for a while, we finally met the CP and shared details about the minor victim.  He directed us to the Deputy Commissioner of Police, DCP.

The DCP said if the information we gave him was incorrect, then he would lodge a case against us. We told him that all we wanted to do was rescue this minor, like we have rescued many minor girls before her, and do it legally. He directed us to another police personnel at another police station. He also asked us to give him updates about the rescue.

The police officer we met wanted to see our identification.  Once he was satisfied he connected us with a police team and together we planned a rescue strategy. 

On 26th April at 2:10 pm, the police and our team raided the brothel and 17 year old Puspa was rescued.  The brothel keeper and her husband were arrested.  We continued to check the brothel for more victims. The police collected evidence from the brothel (money, liquor bottles, condoms, mobile phones, paan…).

After the police completed their reports, Puspa, the accused and our team proceeded to the police station.

On 27th April, the police completed the First Information Report. 

On 29th April, we accompanied Puspa for her medical tests and to the Child Welfare Committee where Puspa’s 161 statement was recorded (the initial statement shared by the victim.)

On 30th April, Puspa’s medical test results were ready. They confirmed that she was a minor.

Puspa was placed in a temporary shelter home.