Most of us are cozy in the warmth of our homes, guarded by our walls, security, and our bank balance. Our window to the world are posts from social media and news that is filtered through heads that decide if that piece of news would harm their business. In such a world, do the voices of a few genuine ground workers who risk their lives to lift someone from their pit of darkness even heard? 

We as a family have followed Freedom Firm and its work among girls who have been sold into the commercial sex trade, working towards rebuilding their lives and to help them seek justice. A few years ago we visited their Ooty office and met some of the rescued girls and were amazed to see the art and jewellery that they made. We also realized that there is another side to rescue. Working with survivors of sex trafficking and their emotions need a different skill, additional patience, and a positive mindset every day. To see how the team deals with each of them has been fascinating for my wife and me. We saw and heard stories of how they deep dive into the minds of these girls and preempt their next move. I’m sure you would agree with me, that this takes a different kind of commitment.

Freedom Firm is all about commitment, skill, and real social work. One may not hear much about their work and their daily journey. It’s real with no frills whatsoever. We pray that more may know about Freedom Firm and their work. I would encourage each of us reading this, to challenge ourselves to introduce the work Freedom Firm is doing, on their own website to ‘five of your friends’. That more may see the real ‘dark pit’, where teams like Freedom Firm operate, impacting lives of vulnerable girls.

It’s time to introspect and act!

Freedom Firm Donor – Mr.Joshi Mark Premnath