On 21st February, Freedom Firm investigators and local police conducted a rescue operation in Shevgaon in Central Maharashtra to rescue Kani*, a 15-16-yearold forced into prostitution. Kani was rescued that day.  Police arrested both the brothel keeper and the brothel owner wanted in a case initiated by Freedom Firm in 2017. Both criminals are charged under relevant sections of anti-trafficking laws.

In her statement at the police station, Kani told Freedom Firm social workers and police that she is from the Kanjar community in Rajasthan that forces their daughters into prostitution. Only two months ago, she was trafficked by a notorious Rajasthani couple, Rajani and Raju. The traffickers already have two to three cases against them in Maharashtra and Rajasthan. The traffickers have deprived fifteen-yearoldKani of so many of her intrinsic human rights; her right to a life without torture and slavery, and a right to play and education to name just a few (see the full list of UN basic human rights http://www.un.org/en/universal-declaration-human-rights). Freedom Firm staff who met Kani after her rescue said, “It is heartbreaking to see such a young girl forced into prostitution. The culprits so easily violated her constitutional right to be educated and instead trafficked her.”

Freedom Firm investigators will be conducting special investigations in the coming weeks around the region, to search for Rajani and Raju, the traffickers who bought and sold Kani.

*Name changed to protect identity

Map of India. Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh