Last week, the Superintendent of the shelter home in Ratlam informed Freedom Firm staff that the three girls rescued last month were released and sent back to their parents. The girls were released the same day our staff went to meet them, although the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) in Ratlam promised us categorically that the girls would not be released. The CWC said, “They were released because of the pressure from the families.”

The parents of the girls signed a bond stating that they would not engage the girls in prostitution, and that they would educate them. A fine may be imposed on the families if the girls are found in prostitution again. We have serious concerns that the girls will not be kept safe.

The proposed visit of the Freedom Firm staff to the authorities in Ratlam, though hampered by heavy monsoon rains that caused train delays and unforeseen cancellations, is still in the pipeline.

Please pray that God will provide safety for the girls in the days to come.