An aura of warmth and innocence emanating from a newborn always leaves me spellbound. Every time I get to carry a newborn baby, my mind cannot stop humming the famous lines of Bill Gaither. How sweet to hold a newborn baby and feel the pride and joy he gives; but greater still the calm assurance, this child can face uncertain days because He lives. This time was no exception. I was holding the baby of Freedom Firm’s first rescued girl, a decade ago. It was indeed a special moment.
Interacting with Karishma* and watching her in her role as a mother was encouraging. She had transformed into a young, independent and responsible woman, very different from the brash and abrupt person I knew two years ago. Karishma looked tired due to lack of sleep, but happy.

I realized that our dreams for the girls are so different from their dreams for themselves. I dream of them continuing their education and becoming independent women having overcome the trauma of their past. However the girls dream of stable lives which in their terms is to get married, have children and have a family of their own. A point that I always debate is if we should persuade the girls to dream with us and work towards our goals or support them to work with their dreams. I would have dreamt differently for Karishma but she is a wife and mother just as she dreamt and hoped she would be.

Her maternity leave is over now, and she has returned to work at Ruhamah Designs Work From Home Program. She  is able to balance earning money with providing care for her baby.

Even though Karishma’s life is full of challenges, I’m assured that her little baby girl can face uncertain days and experience a calm assurance because He lives.

*Name changed to protect identity
– Catherine Raja, CEO, Ruhamah Designs