Taliban is definitely a group that suppresses women and children’s rights. For the past 20 years in the absence of Taliban regime the nation progressed in a great way. The women were allowed to study, work and had their freedom to chase their dreams. Now all the progress that was made is going to be shattered and sadly women will be back in bondage.

The whole world knows about Taliban’s policies in treating women but no one is in a position to help them because the power has been given in their hands.

My heart melts to see how these women and children are going to suffer under this kind of ruling by Taliban where women have no value and are treated like a commodity for use and sale. The entire situation is politically driven and ultimately it is the women and children who suffers and the nation as a whole is in ruins.

I feel US should not have left Afghanistan this way after giving them hope in life. I see the desperation in the people to somehow escape from this ruling of Taliban. Even other countries should feel responsible for the injustice and take steps to rescue atleast the women and children and give them security, comfort and freedom which they deserve.

Freedom Firm Donor, Juliat Zakster