Freedom Firm staff interviewed Ephrald Samuel who is interning with Freedom Firm. Ephrald offers his thoughts about sex trafficking and other relevant issues affecting Indian society.

  1. Hi Ephrald. Can you introduce yourself?
    I am a first-year psychology university student at the University of Nottingham Malaysia. I am 19 and have a great interest in sports. 
  1. How were you made aware of sex trafficking in India?
    Prior to this internship I had less knowledge about sex trafficking in India. When I joined Freedom Firm’s internship program, I was made aware of child sex trafficking and how frequently it occurs in India. 
  1. Most customers who visit brothels are young students living in cities. As a young university student yourself, what would you do to end the exploitation of minors in brothels?
    There are a lot of reasons to why young students exploit minors in brothels. Firstly, sex education is stigmatized among family and school. This leads to students finding information from the wrong people who direct them to make immoral decisions i.e sexually exploiting minors in brothels. To stop this there has to be a change in the educational system. Changing the educational system will educate children in the right manner and will address questions that have been disregarded in the past. As a university student, I should further educate myself about sexual exploitation and be open towards a person approaching me about questions related to this topic. 

    Secondly, women are seen as lesser than men. This is due to various reasons. One reason which I think plays a prominent role is movies. Local movies depict women to be weak and in need of rescue from the protagonist in the story. To stop this false image of women there has to be a massive rise in campaigns that empower women and change this deception that women are lesser than men. This information has to be communicated in all schools as the children grow up to make them understand the importance of women. As a university student I would stand for such campaigns.  
  1. Pornography creates a demand for women and children –  many of them are trafficked to meet that demand. How can organizations or individuals reach young students or individuals with this in mind?
    In the Indian community sex and porn is a stigmatized topic. When young students or individuals become curious and ask questions about them they are ostracized and therefore this leads to them to go onto adult websites. This initial watch of pornography causes a form of pleasure which will cause the individual to visit such websites over and over again without knowing the repercussion. Therefore to educate the youth about what they are doing firstly we have all be open to talk about sex trafficking and the harsh truth that pornography increases the number of kids being trafficked into brothels. This information should be presented alongside when kids have sexual education. We have to do this to snip watching pornography in the bud which can lead into an addiction. To individuals who are already addicted to pornography we have to create systems similar to alcoholic anonymous where they can change and help others change.

5. You are currently interning with Freedom Firm. What have you learned and how has the learning changed you?
I have learned a lot about how unsafe it is for young women and how they cannot trust many people. This has led me to become more aware of my surroundings and even more aware when I am with women. On the positive side, I have learned that there are organizations like Freedom Firm that do their best to combat sex trafficking.

Contributor: Ephrald Samuel, Freedom Firm Intern

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