Join us on 14th March, 2016

We are so excited to announce that this month we are running the Fearlesscampaign! Fearless is a campaign celebrating the lives of rescued victims of sex trafficking. These girls were sold by their families, abducted by traffickers, or lured into the brothels with false promises of love or employment. They are victims of horrific abuse.

Yet, they have chosen to be ‘survivors’ rather than ‘victims’, refusing to let their past define their future. They have been fearless and tenacious in their journey to restoration and have weathered the storms of social stigma, exclusion, depression, anger and low self-esteem. Today they are wives, mothers, employees and students.

As Freedom Firm expands its operations to the state of Madhya Pradesh, our desire is to see every victims of forced prostitution that we rescue, fearless and free. We are raising money towards rescue and justice in Madhya Pradesh for the year 2016 through GlobalGiving. To be listed on GlobalGiving, we must participate in their March Open Challenge and raise $5,000 from at least 40 different donorsbetween 14th and 25th March on their website. Would you consider being one of the 40 donors?

Over the next two weeks, we will also be sharing on social media (Facebook/ Twitter /Instagram) stories, struggles and successes of rescued girls. Show your support for them by sharing these posts or posting a selfie on Facebook/ Instagram with #fearless on your own social networks.