Sajala was forced into prostitution in Pune as a major in 2009 by the police. In 2010 she returned home and reintegrated with her family and community.

Sajala returned to Pune in February 2011 to testify against those who trafficked her. Though Sajala came to Pune on 7 February 2011, she only got to testify on the 21st of February. The reason behind this long delay was due to numerous tactics employed by the defense to prevent Sajala from getting to the stand. This period was very trying for Sajala.

Freedom Firm social workers visited with Sajala in 2011. On Friday 2 March 2012, a conviction was finally announced! After three years, brothel Keeper Reshma Tamang was found guilty of exploiting a major in forced prostitution, and was sentenced to three years in prison. We were overjoyed at the news and could see first hand how justice can aid in the healing process. Each conviction is a major victory in the fight against sexual exploitation, as it prevents Reshma from exploiting other girls, and provides a deterrent to other traffickers in the region. This justice for Sajala helps open the way for deeper healing.

The Times of India in Pune have reported on this significant victory. You can read their article by clicking the link below: Times of India