Kirti* was rescued on January 8, 2015 from a brothel in Meerganj, the red-light area in Allahabad, U.P. She was sent to Agra, a city about 8 hours away (500km) because the home for rescued girls in Allahabad is closed while renovation is being done. As a result it took a long time for the medical age verification test to be done. We just received news that Kirti is 16 years old according to that medical examination. A Freedom Firm case worker met with Kirti in the government shelter home and spent 45 minutes talking with her. Kirti is the youngest of 5 sisters and explained that one of her sisters took her to the red-light area. She was there for 2-3 months before her rescue. None of her family members have come to visit her yet. Kirti wants to return home to her parents but at this point we are not sure if her parents are complicit in her trafficking.

It is clear that Kirti is not ready to speak openly and honestly about all that happened to her. She was not willing to give a precise address though we hope to conduct a Home Investigation soon as further details were given by the Superintendent of the shelter home.
*Name changed to protect identity.
Jyoti – Freedom Firm Case Worker after visiting Kirti in Agra