Digital Art by Dhanashree Kulkarni

Her innocence is taken advantage of,
She’s been deceived by people of her own. 
Her fragile body is hurt relentlessly,
And amidst it all, she begins to lose her identity. 
She wonders sorrowfully, what she ever did wrong
To bear a punishment this painful and long.
In her eyes, the world seems like such a cruel place,
Where there is no one she can trust with her pain.
The darkrooms and lonely streets haunt her,
She feels trapped, her freedom snatched,
It hurts to even imagine someone can treat her like that.
The feeling of worthlessness takes over her mind,
She doesn’t quite remember the last time she smiled,
She loses herself in all the distress and dirt,
And her desperate cry remains unanswered.
She sits alone waiting for help of any sort,
To be herself again, live her life on her own accord.

Contributor: Freedom Firm Intern, Dhanashree Kulkarni

The poem is written from the perspective of a young girl trafficked for sex in India.

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