Acting on a tip-off, Freedom Firm staff and Lakadganj police raided a brothel and rescued Rishi. According to Rishi’s statement in the police station, a trafficker kidnapped her from her village in Rajasthan and then sold her to a brothel keeper in Nagpur who forced to have sex with customers. After her rescue on May 6th, 2019, Rishi was taken to the hospital for an age verification test and later placed in a safe shelter home.

We waited for a whole month for the results of her age verification test to arrive. In the meantime, she was released by the court to her parents who produced fake age certificates to obtain her custody. 

This week, the hospital finally sent the age verification tests. The results show that without a doubt Rishi is a minor. The medical officer is sending certified copies to Freedom Firm legal staff who will petition the High Court to rule against Rishi’s premature release and bring her back into protective custody. 

*Name changed to protect identity