On 25 October 2021, our team along with the police rescued 16 year old Pavitra from a red light area in Sasan,  Baruipur, West Bengal. 

Pavitra,  a bright student with a shameful secret 

Pavitra who is currently in XI standard in a girls school was an ace student who always  scored the first rank in class.  While everyone saw a bright and intelligent student on the outside this young girl was sad because of a heavy secret. One that filled her with shame and she was carrying for the last four years. 

Pavitra’s mother Rani  is a prostitute in one of the red light areas in Baruipur.  Rani divorced Pavitra’s father when Pavitra was fairly young. She married a man named Deepak and they had a son together. When Pavitra was 11 years old, her step father Deepak started sexually abusing her.  Every day he raped her and if this wasn’t vile enough, threatened this 11 year old child that if she breathed a word about this to anyone, he would hurt her mother and brother. After a while, he started taking her to the red light areas and forced her to sleep with customers and continued raping her whenever her mother wasn’t at home. Deepak even forced her to take pills that would ensure she wouldn’t get pregnant. This went on for over four years. 

Rupa soon learned that her husband was taking their underage daughter to brothels and making money off her. She said nothing. In fact she turned abusive towards her daughter – verbally and physically. 

Friends to the rescue!

Police raid at the red light area

Unable to bear the shame, pain and guilt any longer, Pavitra shared her dark and dirty secret  with her close friends from the hostel. They were horrified. They told her to file a complaint immediately.  They promised Pavitra that they would help her out of this terrible situation that had befallen her.  Unsure about going to the police they started asking around about who they should approach to report a crime against a minor.  A person who was familiar with our work directed them to us.  

On October  24th  at 3:30 pm, we received a call from Pavitra’s friends.  They shared their friend’s story with us. After verifying the information, we went to the Child Welfare Committee and shared Pavitra’s information with them. The CWC called the police and asked them to rescue Pavitra immediately.  Our team proceeded to the police station and presented a formal complaint requesting them to rescue Pavitra.  

At 4:18 pm on 25th October,  we rescued a terrified Pavitra.   She was taken to the police station to file her statement.  Pavitra lodged a complaint against her stepfather and mother. After the police station we accompanied her and the police to the  hospital for her medical  test.  Once the formalities were completed, Pavitra was placed in a  shelter home.  

Pavitra is deeply scarred and in severe trauma. She requires long term rehabilitation.  Once we get permission from the shelter home, we will immediately start trauma counselling Pavitra.