We first heard about Simi, a minor being forced into prostitution on 10th January 2022, when we were investigating a red light area in Wani.   After collecting evidence we proceeded to the police station so that the police would rescue Simi and arrest the brothel keeper/keepers. However, someone from the police station in Wani,  tipped the brothel about the raid and Simi disappeared from the brothel and we had to abort the rescue operation. 

End of January, we got a lead that Simi was in Nagpur. After confirming that it was Simi and collecting evidence, we proceeded to the Crime Branch in Nagpur. We shared the urgency of an immediate rescue as Simi was being moved to different locations by her brothel keeper. The police officer was cooperative and said they would plan the raid the next day.

Simi at the local hospital

On 3rd February at 5:30 pm the police along with the Freedom Firm team proceeded to Simi’s last known location, an apartment in a residential area in Nagpur.   The police knocked on the door which was opened by the brothel keeper, a 41 year old man. His 31 year old wife was also present along with her brother, a customer, and Simi.   After all evidence was collected, at approximately 7 pm, the victim, accused, the customer, police and our team proceeded to a police station in Nagpur.   After the First Information Report was filed, our social worker accompanied Simi and the police for Simi’s medical check up to a government hospital.  Simi was placed in a shelter home after that. 

When will this all end? A tired and weary Simi

On 4th February at 1:30 am,  all legal formalities were completed.  The accused were booked and spent the night in a cell at the police station.

Later that morning our team accompanied Simi to the local court. We met the police inspector at the police station.  We informed him that the accused was involved in a previous PITA (Prevention of Immoral Trafficking) case. This discovery helped strengthen our case against the brothel keepers.  We were happy to learn in a subsequent visit to court that the accused was sent to jail.

On 8th February , Simi’s medical reports were ready. She is between 14-16 years. We are awaiting the final medical report so we can present a copy to the Child Welfare Committee and start our restoration programs with Simi, since she is placed in a shelter home that we work in.

Our team will be following up with the case closely to ensure that Simi’s perpetrators are punished and she is delivered justice.