We rescued 16 year old Meera from Ganga Jamuna in April 2023. Her parents applied and were granted custody of her shortly afterwards. Within two days of her release, we discovered she was back in prostitution in Ganga Jamuna, the same red light area that she was rescued from.  We presented evidence to the police and once again the police and our team raided the brothel. A terrified Meera managed to escape. For the next few days we were back in the brothel looking for her. She never turned up. Our intel revealed that she was moved out of the state, to Rajasthan. We contacted our sources in Rajasthan and tried to locate Meera but  there weren’t any leads about her whereabouts. We were at a complete dead end.

We continued surveying the red light area in Ganga Jamuna for signs of Meera. At the end of September, we received the call we were waiting for. Meera was back in Ganga Jamuna.  Not wanting to lose her,  we immediately met the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Nagpur. He agreed to initiate a raid.

Meera in April 2023
Meera in September 2023

On 29th September at 2:40 pm the police and our team raided the brothel. Meera was rescued. A 45 year old brothel keeper was arrested.  This time we will ensure that the police book Meera’s  parents as the accused so that they will not apply for her custody.