On April 2nd, three girls were rescued and a brothel keeper was brought to the police station in a raid conducted with the Ratlam Police in Madhya Pradesh. At the police station, the police told Freedom Firm staff, “Okay! You asked us for our help, and we helped you. Now take the three girls with you, and let the brothel keeper go home”. No matter how hard Abraham, Liaison Officer, argued, the police refused to listen. The safety of our girls became our greatest concern, and our staff were allowed, with the police, to escort the girls to a shelter home, unfortunately the brothel keeper was released with no F.I.R filed against her.

When our staff went the following day to request that the brothel keeper be arrested, the police said that she could not be arrested because no case was filed against her.

It is discouraging when police do not follow the law. However, we have confidence that with persistence we will see increased police cooperation and compliance ​with the law.