The brothel

On 23rd September 2021,  we received a lead about a Diksha, a 17-year old girl forcibly engaged in prostitution in a brothel in Chandrapur, Maharashtra. Here is the sequence of events that led to her rescue.

A place of pain and suffering

24th September – We made the journey to Chandrapur to verify the lead. This particular brothel had three rooms and a room where the brothel keeper lived. Though the brothel rooms were unhygienic it was better than other brothels we had been to at previous raids. There was a cement bed fixed in each room.

We located Diksha and the brothel keeper. 

25th SeptemberOperation Rescue Diksha

11:30 am – We met the SP, shared Diksha’s information with him and a letter requesting his support for Diksha’s rescue.     The SP directed us to the special task force that would be handling the rescue. We met with them and shared the rescue plan.

12:30 pm – The Additional Superintendent of Police, met with us and we discussed the rescue plan in more detail

1:30 pm – Two panch (third party) witnesses, two lady constable officers and  four police staff joined us at the police station.  

2:45 pm – Once we received confirmation about Diksha’s presence at the brothel, we proceeded towards the red light area.

The brothel keeper
Diksha (in black) free at last

3:00 pm – The police raided the brothel.  Our social worker found Diksha with a customer in one of the rooms.  We continued searching the brothel for more victims who were being forced into prostitution.  We found one more victim (major girl) with a customer in another room and another victim (major girl) in another brothel.  The main brothel keeper along with her assistant were sitting in a veranda outside the brothel. The police arrested them both.

4:15 pm – The police started preparing their report. The panch witnesses shared their statements. After evidence was collected and post rescue reports completed, the police, Freedom Firm team, three rescued victims and the two accused brothel keepers left the brothel.

4:20 pm  – A few members of our team proceeded to the police station in Chandrapur and the rest of us accompanied the police for the victims’ medical tests at a government hospital.

 5:15 pm – We returned with the police and victims back to the police station so that the police could record the victims’ statements.

7:45 pm-  We proceeded to the City Police Station in Chandrapur to file a First Information Report, FIR.

10:50 pm  – The FIR was filled. Two of our social workers took a copy of the FIR and left with the victims to a temporary shelter home for women.  Once the victims were safe for the night,  our social workers checked into their lodge.

26th September 

We spent the first half of the day meeting police personnel from various departments to thank them for their support.

3:00 pm – Our team along with the police, three victims and two accused proceeded to the JMFC Court in Chandrapur. After going through the report, the judge passed an order for the victims to continue staying in the temporary shelter home till 7th October and for the accused to remain in judicial custody for the next few days.

Our social workers are in the process of gathering information about Diksha.