On 15th March we had a meeting with the Additional Director of General Police, ADGP,  and Crime Against Women and Children cell in Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh. We shared our concerns about the unsupportive behaviour of the police in Ratlam and Mandsaur; not initiating raids,  delay in responding to information, and information leaks.  The ADGP immediately asked the Inspector General in Ujjain to look into the matter and provide whatever support we needed.

On 16th March we met the Superintendent of Police, SP,  and shared information about a minor that we located in Ratlam.  He immediately connected us with the Additional Superintendent of Police in Ratlam.  After viewing all the evidence he said that they would initiate the raid the next day.

The victims and our social worker

On 17th March we were back at the SPs office in Ratlam. He connected us with an officer who was a specialist in PITA rescue cases.   At 5 pm that evening the police and our team raided the brothel and rescued 17 year old Aarti and 19 year old Monisa.  The police arrested the brothel keeper, a woman in her 40s. After the police finished their preliminary reports, the victims, the accused, and our team proceeded to the police station. The police booked the accused under  PITA sections 3,5,6 and 7, IPC Act 372 and POSCO Act 3/17.  The police also turned against Monisa and booked her as an accused.  Our liaison officer pleaded with them not to book Monisa as an  accused but the police were pursuing their own agenda, their reasoning was why was she with the brothel keeper when she lives somewhere else?

Since we were not able to reason with them, we decided to meet the SP and take up Monisa’s false arrest with him.  Aarti was taken for a medical check up and then placed in a shelter home in Ratlam.