Pari, a 15-16-year-old minor went missing from a slum in Kalighat on 12th April. One of our partners in Kolkata requested us to look for her. Freedom Firm’s team in Kolkata filed a criminal complaint with the police in order to trace her and bring her home. Even though the police investigated, we were unable to find her.

After 3 weeks, Pari returned home. We learned that Pari and 3 other minor girls, and 1 minor boy were taken by a woman to Uttar Pradesh as stage dancers. The woman sent Pari home after she learned that a missing complaint had been placed at the police station. We expedited the case to the Child Welfare Committee and the childline team who placed Pari in a safe shelter home in Kolkata.

Freedom Firm is working with police to find the whereabouts of the minor girls and the boy who were also taken to Uttar Pradesh.