LocationsPrayagraj, Uttar Pradesh

Reports to the Program Associate, India

Job Profile

Recruit, hire, and build a Freedom Firm team to make operational the investigations, interventions, legal, and aftercare components of Freedom Firm strategy, including administration and support structures.


  • Build and oversee an investigative capacity that allows the regional office to regularly gather and report instances of minor girls in prostitution.
  • Build and oversee an intervention capacity that allows the regional office to regularly approach the police and assist in the rescue of minor girls and forced major girls in prostitution.


  • Build and oversee the aftercare program that ensures the protection of rescued girls and regular follow-up after rescue.
  • Build and maintain professional relationships with members of the Department of Women and Child Welfare, Child Welfare Committees, and other agencies that will help solidify and expand Freedom Firm’s restoration programs in the state.


  • Build and oversee a legal capacity that assists public prosecutors and the judiciary in the arrest and prosecution of traffickers.
  • Oversee daily operations of the Freedom Firm regional office.
  • Oversee all components of team support structure including general administration, financial management, information technology, communications, and public relations.
  • Ensure establishment and maintenance of relationships with government agencies, universities, social work schools, and relief and development organizations in order to establish a contact base motivated to work for justice.

Position Qualifications / Requirements

  • Excellent leadership and management ability.
  • Relevant Post Graduate degree.
  • Competent in reading and writing English, Hindi (Marathi -basic knowledge)
  • Solid working knowledge of organizational structure and development.
  • Significant travel required.
  • Commitment to the vision and work of Freedom Firm.
  • Position open to current residents of India