Three absconding accused listed in the Public Interest Litigation filed in the Bombay High Court were arrested since the PIL was filed, 2 of them in the last 6 weeks. The case has built momentum after two years when the judges summoned the Commissioner of Police himself to appear before them.

Freedom Firm staff and their advocate were present on Monday, Oct. 26 for the final hearing. They expressed concern that once the case is closed the pressure on the police to continue searching for absconding accused will reduce, and it may result in fewer accused being held accountable. The Bench of two judges agreed that a government authority should be appointed to monitor the ongoing search for accused who have failed to appear in court.

We expect final orders in this case within the next 2 weeks.

Pray that the judges will pass strong orders that not only keep pressure on the police to continue the search for absconding accused but also instruct lower courts on stricter bail guidelines so that this problem does not continue.

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