In a raid conducted by Freedom Firm and local police authorities in Ratlam last Friday, ten girls were rescued –  five minor,  three borderline and two girls around eight to ten years of age who were not directly involved in prostitution. One brothel keeper and a customer were arrested too. Seven minor girls  are in  a shelter home for children and the three major girls are in a shelter home for adults.

In Ratlam both the  Banchhara and Bedia communities engage in prostitution as a way of life.  The men force their women into prostitution in what they see as a social compulsion rather than an economic necessity.Families  initiate their daughters and sisters into the flesh trade, procure customers for them and live off their  their earnings.*

The mother has the right to decide which of her daughters will marry and which will become a sex worker. It is obligatory for the mother to dedicate at least one of her daughters to the flesh trade. She has to make the choice in the girl’s early childhood and declare it before the community’s deity,Nari Mata.

With this successful raid,Freedom Firm is beginning to build relationships with the local authorities and gradually breaking the root of prostitution that has deeply entangled the Banchhara community.

*NOTE:No Choice About Prostitution For Young Women In Madhya Pradesh’, By Shuriah Niazi.