The brothel

We first learned about 17 year-old Raya on 14th October when we were investigating one of the older red light areas in Kolkata.  We collected evidence and presented it to the Assistant Commissioner of Police, ACP,  of the Anti Human Trafficking Unit, AHTU. He asked us to come in a few days to discuss the matter further.  That weekend our team continued to discuss rescue strategies as well as kept Raya under surveillance at the brothel ( lest she disappear into the night.)

A successful rescue

  On 17th October our team met the ACP. After a brief discussion, he and his team decided to initiate the rescue right away. Our team was ready.   At approximately  3:46 pm the police and our team raided the brothel.  Raya was rescued.  The police arrested three people; two brothel keepers and a pimp, who all appeared to be between 35-40 years old.   The pimp’s  four children (daughters 12 and 6 years and sons ten and four years) were present at the brothel.  After condoms and liquor bottles were bagged as evidence,  the police locked the brothel and victim Raya, the accused (including the pimp’s children), our team and the police proceeded to the police station.

The police filed the First Information Report after which Raya, the accused, and the pimp’s children were taken for the standard medical tests.  The four children were sent to different shelter homes.

Raya was placed in a shelter home in Kolkata.  She was produced before the Child Welfare Committee who passed an order for Raya to continue to live in the shelter home.