In March 2023 we rescued 16-year old Lata from a brothel in Ganga Jamuna, Nagpur.  She was placed in a shelter home after her rescue. Her mother appealed to a special sessions court in Nagpur ( a court that deals with POCSO cases Protection of Children from Sexual Offences) and was given custody of her daughter.  

In July we learned that Lata’s mother sold her to a brothel keeper Halima who continued to force the minor into prostitution in a village in Rajasthan. 

It took us a few days but after following a few leads we were able to locate Lata’s location. 

On 16th August, we were in Rajasthan and the next day we met the Superintendent of Police of that area.  We gave him a brief history of our work and we then told him about Lata.  He agreed to provide a team to rescue Lata. As soon as we reached the brothel, the police and our team raided the brothel.  Lata was terrified and started shouting and crying. She recognized us from her last rescue and refused to cooperate. 

The police arrested Halima, the brothel keeper.  After the police finished their initial report and collected evidence, we all proceeded to the nearest police station. 

As soon as the police completed the First Information Report, we noticed the villagers had surrounded the police station.  There was no electricity and we could hear the villagers getting loud and making a noise.  We were concerned about our safety but the police assured us they were there and we could follow their vehicle out of the village.  We left the police station only at 10:30 pm and carefully and closely followed the police vehicle out of the village after which we went to a local hospital where Lata’s medical tests were done.  We proceeded to the Committee, CWC, after that. 

We reached the CWC at midnight. We told them about Lata’s rescue. They ordered Lata be placed in a shelter home.