Rekha’s one-way ticket to happiness

On 19 July Anjana, Sarita, and survivor Rekha ( Rekha was rescued from a brothel on 18th December 2020 from Muzzafarpur, Bihar,) and Rekha’s eight-month-old daughter boarded a train to Saharanpur,UP. Anjana recommended Rekha for a caretaker job in a shelter home in Saharanpur. The shelter home staff agreed and are offering Rekha a salary of Rs 3000, accommodation, and will also care for her daughter. If Rekha wants to study, they promised to support her.

On the 20th morning, both mother and daughter were safe at the shelter home in Saharanpur. Rekha got so overwhelmed, she was about to start crying. She couldn’t believe that she would be working as a caregiver in the shelter home. Social worker Anjana told her not to cry in front of the girls as they would wonder if she herself was crying, how would she help them? Immediately Rekha wiped her tears and composed herself. Anjana introduced her to all the girls and said that she would be taking care of them. The girls responded with applause. After talking briefly to the girls, Rekha, Anjana and Sarita met the superintendent of the shelter home. The superintendent told Rekha to reach out if she needed anything. They would train her in everything. We are happy for Rekha and her daughter. Both of them are safe, have a roof over their head, food to eat and will have people caring for them. This is what every survivor wants to feel useful, to be cared for, and to count.