Previously, the investigations team located a minor girl in commercial sexual exploitation in a brothel operating Pune. Yesterday, the team coordinated with the police to conduct a raid to rescue that girl.

The team began searching for the her at 2:30pm, but did not locate her until 6:30pm. Once the team was in position, the police acted quickly and conducted a smooth raid that took into custody 12 women, including the targeted minor, and three men who were managing the brothel. The brothel was being managed from a private lodge, which was the reason the police took all the women to the station for questioning. After questioning, 11 women were released, but the targeted minor remained in protective care. After much deliberation, a case was filed against the brothel manager and he was arrested at around midnight. The targeted minor was placed into a shelter home at 2:30am, and a medical report will be conducted in order to discern her age in the next few days.

We thank you all for your prayers! Please continue to pray for a strong case to be build around the perpetrator of the crime, and that the girl rescued would begin the path of restoration.