On 19th April, Freedom Firm investigators identified Riya a 15-16-year-old in Meerut’s red-light area. They passed information regarding the brothel location and details of the girl to police on Friday, 21st April.

The police arranged a team of police officers in civilian clothes who accompanied our investigators into the brothel area.  In a matter of minutes, Riya was identified and rescued. She was brought to safety while the police arrested Radha, the brothel keeper.

At the police station, the team learnt that Radha was from the Bedia community which sends its girls into prostitution. An F.I.R was filed against the brothel keeper under sections of the ITPA (Immoral Trafficking Prevention Act) and IPC (Indian Penal Code).

Riya is presently at a shelter home in Meerut where she will begin the next steps in her restoration.

*Name changed to protect identity