I was rescued on 26th August, 2011 from Nagpur’s infamous red-light area. I was 15 years old at that time.I was placed at a short-stay home for six months. I was released from the home, to my traffickers once again. I returned back into the brothel. This happened to me twice, I was rescued for the last time on 13th May 2011. I was  once again placed at Deonar Home where I made good progress but wanted to return to my home in another state.
After the release from the government home: Freedom Firm social worker and Intern visited Sajini at her village. Constables from the local police station joined the social workers to follow-up with her. “When we arrived at her home, we met her along with her parents and younger siblings. Her parents mentioned that they have become very protective about Sajini and kept emphasizing  that they were innocent and not involved in Sajini being trafficked. They told us that from the time Sajini has gone missing they have taken every effort to trace her. We asked them why they did not file a missing report  at the police station when they found that Sajini was missing, her father mentioned that the police refused to file a complaint”.
Sajini’s father shared that after she was released in 2013, Sajini’s trafficker came along with other people in a jeep to re-traffick her. However, the villagers and the family together intervened to protect Sajini. Her family once again attempted to file a case against the perpetrators but the police refused to do so once again. Sajini and her family report to the local police station every month as per orders passed by the Child Welfare Committee. The police have records to confirm the same.
The advocate has filed two cases against the trafficker at the local court and is determined to fight this case and also has sent Sajini’s story to TV crime shows to add media pressure. The magistrate took a statement from Sajini but the case was dismissed since the magistrate felt that she was not speaking the truth. Sajini’s family now plans to get her married once she turns 18 but, Sajini claims to be older and wishes to be married soon.